Set & Forget Method Shows How We Make $128 Per Day While Only Working 15 Minutes Per Day!

Set & Forget - Breakthrough 2023 Method

Don't Have The Time To Spend Working Hours Per Day On Your Online Business?

Use Our Set & Forget System To Reach Financial Freedom!

Hey, Fergal here with my business partner Will Weatherly.

There are a tonne of different ways to make money online. Everything from Google ads, YouTube ads or influencer, FaceBook ads, Instagram ads.. The list is endless.

All of these methods work.. But

If you want to do these methods not only do you have to spend many hours studying how to do these methods but they also take multiple hours of work every day to continue seeing success from.

Most people starting internet marketing already have a day job so spending hours and hours studying and working on their business just isn't possible. You need something that you can set up once that can make you money while you go about your day.

I know this from my own personal experience.

When I started internet marketing way back in 2008 I was working a day job while trying to get my internet marketing business off the ground. I was trying methods that were taking up all of my time which is why I wasn't able to become a full time internet marketer until 2012.

Now I know that if I had a set & forget system back then that was making me $128+ per day  it would have allowed me to have the time to work on other internet marketing projects full time.

And that is exactly why we have created Traffic Tap. To give you our set & forget method that makes us $128+ every day without needing us to put any work into it. We simply set it up once, press play on the built in traffic method and simply spend a few minutes per day to check out stats. That's it.

Don't torture yourself like I did by doing internet marketing methods that take hours of study and hours of work every day. Set this method up once and watch a steady stream of traffic and sales come in every day.


  • Direct Access To Me For Support

    You get direct access to me for if you have any questions at all. I will be answering questions for all my students of this course every single day to ensure you are successful with the this method

  • Step By Step Plan

    You get a step by step plan that shows you exactly how I turn $7 into $30+ multiple times per day. The training is done step by step so that we don't leave anyone behind no matter what level of computer skills you have. This method is easy and fast so it works no matter what your experience level is.

  • Access To The Community

    Inside the community you will have access to all other students so that you can see their successes in real time. Seeing other people being successful with this method will motivate you to have this success yourself.

  • Ongoing Updates - If Needed

    If there are any updates to this course I will add them to the members area. This is NOT a course where I take your money and leave you alone. I will be with you every step until you reach success.

  • All Of This And More For Just $12.95

    You get all of this above for the 1 time payment of just $12.95.


Let's See What My Students and Fellow Internet Marketers Have To Say About Me and My Internet Marketing Courses

I spent 7 solid years miserably failing at this whole “make money online” thing. I lost thousands of dollars and in 2020, I maxed out my credit card. When I met Fergal, I was desperate. His methods are stupid simple… and they work! I made my first commission in my first day of starting. I finally tasted what it felt like to make money online. In 2020, I made $3,909 with Fergal’s method. Then in 2021, I brought in $10,125.67 in profit.

Mike Marino

I really like Fergal's courses. Everything he puts out is step by step, easy to follow training, and most importantly he always teaches systems that he actually uses himself, and uses successfully - no theory, just tried and tested methods that work.

Val Wilson

You Have Nothing To Lose!

For just $12.95 you get full access to this course with all the bonuses including direct access to me as your mentor for support to ensure that you are successful with this method.

Click the join button below right now to get started straight away and I will personally see you inside the members area in just a moment.

Fergal Downes & William Weatherly

Hey, it's Fergal here with my business partner Will Weatherly.

Thank you for checking out our course. We are very excited to start working with you on this inside the members area.

We will set this method up just one time and after that you are hands free. Just sit back, press play on the built in traffic method and watch your traffic and sales roll in.

To your success,

Fergal and Will.

Fergal Downes & William Weatherly Set:Forget Riches

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